Alport Foundation of Australia

A bequest to the Foundation supports our research projects without affecting your current living standards. A bequest also offers flexibility. After providing for your loved ones, you can choose many different ways to support us – for example through a specific amount of money, an insurance policy, shares, property, works of art, collectibles or a residual bequest.

If you are considering leaving a legacy to support our work, please accept our sincere thanks. It would help us enormously to know of your intention.

Using the right words

Although making or changing your Will is simple it is important that you consult a solicitor or professional advisor. The wording in your Will is very important. It will, for example, help us to know whether you want to leave us a specific amount of money or property, or whether you are leaving us the residuary amount of your estate (what is left after all your other bequests have been taken into account). For guidance, we have given examples of these below. To find out more download, print and mail us the Bequest form.pdf (26.5 kB)

You can also download Bequest wording.pdf (22.91 kB)

Helping future generations

‘Family is important, so of course we looked after them in our estate plans. But we wanted to do something more. We thought about the people and families who's have to Alport Syndrome in the future, and we wanted to help make it easier for them.' – Foundation supporter

Your bequest could provide scholarships for talented researchers  from PhD students and scientists to senior research fellows. It could also supply key scientific equipment, or create enduring funds for groundbreaking research.

Contact us

Postal Address:

PO BOX 3277


NSW  2280



Phone: +61 (2) 4016 0242

Have you already provided for the Alport Foundation in your Will?

If you have made a bequest, or are considering it, please advise us by completing and mailing the

Bequest form.pdf (26.5 kB).

Or contact us, as detailed above.

Give hope to future generations by including the 
Alport Foundation of Australia in your Will.