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A message of thanks to the fundraisers and supporters of the Alport Foundation of Australia

Funding for Australian research is very limited, and many excellent projects cannot get under way until external support arrives. Fortunately for the sufferers of a rare genetic kidney disease called Alport Syndrome, that help was offered by an enthusiastic team of 2016 Sydney City2Surf participants. 


What a thrilling day it was, with a great team of runners supporting the Alport Foundation. A big thanks to the team for their magnificent effort. And a huge thank you to all who supported our team.  Your generosity has made a real difference to the Alport Foundation and our quest to fund quality Australian research into genetic kidney disease.

We cannot do this without your support. And unlike most charitable foundations, the Alport Foundation has no paid staff.  Our promise to you is that every penny of your generous support will be directed to research that matters and will be well spent. 

The Alport Foundation has been fundraising to support medical research since its inception, with several hundred thousand dollars directly injected into research projects in Australian universities. Competitive project applications are reviewed by our highly qualified medical advisory committee each year. We update the website with information on these projects, and some of our supported research has already made international news. Visit our website for news, videos and other summaries, plus links to research papers.

The 2016 round of research project applications saw several worthwhile and promising projects meet with the approval of the Medical Advisory Committee. Unfortunately we were only able to offer one project a funding grant of 20K.  But as the City2Surf campaign kicked in, the situation changed, and I am delighted to say we are now funding two approved projects. The board has approved this recommendation, and we are proceeding with funding this week.

Australian medical research has an exceptional track record.  A string of achievements is saluted in this great little summary by the ABC Catalyst team.  Developments range from penicillin based antibiotics to human growth hormone, bionic ears, cervical cancer vaccines, and the list goes on. Let me add a reminder that so often research breakthroughs are not restricted to the field generating the initial interest. Alport Syndrome research is already at the point where the genetic molecular basis of the problem is well understood. Next will come the mechanisms for correcting the DNA errors. This is a complex area of research, but any breakthroughs in this field will rapidly lead to others outside it. More and more rare disorders are being tracked down to their DNA mechanisms as this exciting field of genetic research progresses.


I sincerely thank you for your generosity, and our enthusiastic team of fundraisers for their tremendous efforts in the 2016 City2Surf. The Alport Foundation has met its 2016 funding goals. We now look forward to further opportunities to support the next round of applications in March 2017, and hopefully one day achieve our ultimate goal: a cure.  

A big thank you for your participation, you have made a real difference!



David Blatt


Alport Foundation of Australia